You Deserve the Best of Sourcing in Africa

Deelu accompanies you to buy your plant products and contribute to sustainable development in Africa.


The Deelū Mission

Hello I am José,

I am the founder of Deelu and my story is a series of questions that you probably know:

How to obtain reliable information on plant product markets in Africa?

How to meet the best remote suppliers?

To whom can we entrust the management of our sourcing operations without being on site?

How to contribute effectively to the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Africa?

Like you, I was concerned about these issues and so I have spent the past few years traveling Africa and the world to create the best Sourcing solutions for you. After many failures, I felt powerless and unable to contribute to sustainable development in Africa. But I finally succeeded.

It is therefore with pride that I present to you Deelu, solutions adapted to all your needs, for the sourcing of plant products in Africa.

Thus, Deelu's services represent my personal contribution and that of Team Deelu, for sustainable development in Africa.

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Talk to one of our collaborators

Our collaborators are at your disposal, whatever your profile. Are you already experienced in buying plant products or investing in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Africa and want to use our services? Are you a complete newbie and want more information? Either way, we're here to help.